Amateur vs Professional Photographers: Here’s The Difference

These days, everyone thinks they can take amazing pictures anywhere, anytime with their smartphones. Naturally, this causes people to question the need for hiring professional photographers and the additional costs associated with them for important events. With the advancements in the camera technology, one of the most common questions that pop into the minds of couples that are going to be married or parents that will welcome their child into this world is “Is it really worth hiring a professional photographer?”. It is a valid concern, and a lot of people think they can have the same work done by a relative or a friend that owns a digital camera or an expensive smartphone.

While it may look like an easy job, professional photography actually requires skill, knowledge and rather expensive equipment to capture your unforgettable moments. If you want to have a timeless treasure that will defy the passage of time, you should definitely hire an expert that knows what they are doing. Amateur photographers, whether they are a friend or a relative, simply lack the talent and mastery required to take a picture that will reflect the importance of your once-in-a-lifetime events. There are a lot of questions in people’s minds when they are about to celebrate an event and require the services of a photographer. Let’s take a look at some of these questions and alleviate your concerns.

Is a Professional Photographer Really Necessary?

So what makes a photographer amateur or professional? Is it just the digital cameras, props or professional editing software? The definition of photography is capturing light with a camera to create an image. Professional photographers always know the right moment with the proper lighting and perspective for the perfect photo. Photography isn’t always about taking pictures at weddings or birthdays as well; there are many different disciplines both in and out of a studio before you call yourself a professional. So the answer to the question is; yes, professional photography services are worth the cost because a good photographer offer their skill and experience and they can create visually stunning imagery with thousands of pounds of the worth of equipment, punctuality and the mastery to use proper lighting and props. Choosing an amateur photographer for your photoshoots is basically an invitation to disaster; they will probably have no backup plans or equipment in the event of a malfunction.

Attention to Detail

A professional photographer is detail-oriented and can pick up on the smallest things that can make your photos look genuine and beautiful. To capture the essence of a sentimental moment or immortalise an important event, you have to know the right angle, lighting and equipment before taking a picture. Anyone can press the shutter and snap a photo, but the preparation is the most crucial part of photography. Making sure everything is lined up perfectly to take vivid pictures of your events is what sets professional photographers apart from amateurs. Using too much light or picking the wrong time can ruin an entire photoshoot which is why you should always hire a seasoned professional. A paid photographer will always choose the best venues and create visually stunning imagery with the material at hand. You will always get your money’s worth with a photographer that knows what they are doing and pay attention to the details.

Tools of the Trade

You can definitely try your hand at having a friend take your pictures for an important event and print them yourself, but they will never reach the level of quality of images that can come out the hands of a seasoned professional. Ordinary people may have a digital camera or a high-end smartphone, but that will be pretty much everything in their arsenal. A professional photographer will always have access to superior equipment for both capturing the pictures and printing them as well as turning them into photo albums that you keep around for decades. Retouching is a process only professionals can do properly with the editing software and tools that can further enhance the pictures before printing them. By paying a photographer, you are paying for professional, quality photos.

Should you misplace your photos or lose them during a move, you can always call your photographer for another set of photographs, and there is a very high chance they are still keeping them in a backup drive. This is just one of the many reasons for working with a person who has the right equipment and set of skills for the job.


You don’t want the happiest days of your lives to be ruined by an amateur photographer or a clumsy relative. It takes years and hard work to hone photography skills. A professional photographer you hired will have spent a long time and money on their equipment and skills to capture your images in the best way possible and create a gallery of pictures for you to cherish over the years. There are many reasons for acquiring the services of a photographer, but most of these reasons go back to quality. There is no room for error in time-sensitive events such as weddings or childbirth. There are no do-overs if something goes wrong; that is why you should always pay for a trained professional for your photoshoots and enjoy the quality photos and images they create for you for a lifetime. Professional photography is so much more than just expensive equipment or editing software. With the “artistic eye” of a professional, the difference between a photo taken by an ordinary person and a pro is like night and day.