Hi, this is me.
My photography journey began in my early teens, from the first moment I picked up a camera I was in love with photography! I began shooting weddings and ‘on location’ family sessions but what excited me the most was the studio.
Exploring studio lighting techniques, my passion grew. I had a desire to progress after continued positive feedback from my clients.

Why studio photography? I have full control of the light in the studio, as a result, I can create perfection. I place shadows exactly where I want them. This is the key to my female art nude style.
Through time, we have been told how the perfect female body should look which has had a huge impact on women’s self positivity. So I decided to take on this challenge and overcome these social pressures by showing any woman that their nude form is unique, as are they. Celebrating their delicate curves and shapes which make them who they are.

When I decided to pursue photography, I didn’t know exactly where the journey would take me. I’ve created my own style; empowerment. Helping women celebrate their own unique body shape. My photo sessions have been described as a ‘confidence boost’, ‘a therapy’, a way of celebrating the things that make a woman who she is.

My main objective is to create sensual and evocative images, something that appears tastefully artistic rather than exploitative. Enhancing the femininity and form of my female model.

I absolutely love what I do and certainly can’t imagine ever doing anything other than my photography.

PS: Never stop dreaming, work hard, never stop learning. It’s already in your future, just walk towards it.