Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

Professional photography in Bristol

Thanks to the advances in camera technology, photography is now more accessible than ever. Smartphones, tablets and even computer cameras have made it easier to take pictures in HD quality and edit these images with various filters and effects. While it may sound effortless to take high-quality and long-lasting photos with a mobile device, photography is much more than pressing a button or applying a filter. Professional photography is about using top of the line equipment to produce unique and visually stunning imagery which is basically impossible without the right tools and knowledge.

Everyone knows the best way to capture memorable events and joyful moments is pictures. With smartphones and other mobile devices readily available at will with HD cameras, people may think photographers are no longer necessary or worth their price anymore. However, if you want to immortalise the birth of your child or relive the happy moments of your wedding, professionally taken photos are one of the few ways to ensure high-quality pictures that will defy the passage of time. There is a reason why all business marketing departments work with seasoned photographers for their projects, and that reason is the exceptional images professionals create with their expertise. There are multiple reasons to hire a professional photographer for your events, portrait shoots and advertising campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should hire a  professional photographer.

Equipment – Digital Camera, Lenses and Props

For higher quality pictures, you need the right equipment. Amateur photography and stock imagery are totally different from professional photography which requires specific lenses, digital cameras, flashes and other props to take various types of pictures. Photography equipment can cost thousands of pounds, and they have a significant impact on the image quality as well as the colouring. A pro won’t show up at your event or wedding with an expensive smartphone and start taking photos. If you hire a professional, they will come ready with a hi-tech camera such as a DSLR and high-quality lenses for the photoshoot as well as other necessary equipment for the photo shoot. With a wide range of lenses and armed with the knowledge of how to utilise them, a photographer will use their creative skills with lenses and focusing techniques for different situations and venues.

Extensive Experience

Everyone is an art connoisseur if you ask them but taking professional pictures is not only about pressing a button or having hi-tech equipment. A good photographer knows the right angle, lighting and perspective that works for each photo. Knowing how to capture the essence of what you are shooting can make images look far more superior than people who have no idea what they are looking at. Professional photographers are called “professional” for a reason; they know their equipment inside out and how to find the perfect tone and moment for a photograph on every occasion. You can avoid lengthy photoshoots and silly poses with a professional on the job, and they will present you with the finest-quality pictures that will help you reminisce your important days.

Lighting Techniques

Knowing how and when to use the light is one of the key traits of a professional photographer. It can take a person years to master lighting techniques for different environments such as outdoor weddings, indoor photoshoots or boudoir pictures. Too much light or too little light can ruin even the best shot. A professional will always know how their camera interacts with the light around them and compensate for the exposure to achieve the best results possible. Choosing the right time for your photoshoot, creating the scene and supplementing the natural lighting with a digital camera to capture your memorable events is what makes a photographer worth their cost.

Professional Editing

The editing process is necessary to give your photos a final touch, such as adding contrast or fixing the small mistakes that have been made during the photoshoot. The right person for the job will know how to retouch your images by using professional software such as Photoshop and create a beautiful photo album with the material at hand. With the help of editing software, well-known issues such as skin tone discolourations or brightly coloured spots sticking out like a sore thumb can be fixed easily. However, not every photographer has access to these types of tools as they are an investment that cost thousands of pounds. The editing process requires a skilled set of eyes which is why you should always consider hiring a professional and vetting them before you sign a contract.


There are a lot of reasons to hire a professional photographer. People tend to argue that they are costly or they are redundant in the age of smartphones, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Professionally taken pictures are the only way to capture the special moments that happen once in a lifetime such as weddings or the birth of your children. Having your photographs taken by a professional photographer is an investment that will last a lifetime. For timeless heirlooms that will be cherished for generations, you should hire a person who knows what they are doing.